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What is the process of rehabilitation?

The process of rehabilitation helps people determine the way of living, learning, working, and achievement of their goals. They are helped to identify and develop their skills and identify various supports or resources in order to achieve these goals.

There are three sequential phases in the process: Diagnosis-Planning-Intervention (DPI) Process.


The diagnostic phase begins with the practitioner assisting the individual to self‐determine one’s readiness for rehabilitation and to set an overall rehabilitation goal(s) by evaluating his/her skills and support strengths. The rehabilitation diagnosis yields a behavioral description of the person’s self‐determined readiness to proceed rather than just describing the symptoms. This phase also determines the person’s current skills and supports (resources) needed to be successful.


The diagnostic information enables the treatment team to develop a rehabilitation plan. This plan differs from other treatment planning as it focuses mainly on reducing symptoms and developing a person’s skill to achieve the overall rehabilitation goals. The rehabilitation plan differs from the individualized service plan by identification of high‐priority skill and resource development objectives, and specific interventions for each objective, rather than simply identifying potential service providers or program activities.


In the intervention phase, the rehabilitation plan is implemented to achieve the overall rehabilitation goal(s) by changing the person and/or the person’s environment, either through developing the person’s skills and/or developing the person’s environmental supports.

What are the types of Treatment at SARVAM?

The treatment at SARVAM helps alleviate symptoms and distress of the patient. The different types are:

  • Crisis Intervention: Controlling and resolving critical or dangerous problems
  • Case management: Obtaining the services consumer needs and wants
  • Rehabilitation: Developing consumer’s skills and supports related to consumer’s goals
  • Enrichment: Engaging consumers in fulfilling and satisfying activities
  • Rights Protection: Advocating to ensure one’s rights
  • Basic Support: Providing the people, places, and things consumer needs to survive (eg: Shelter, food etc.)
  • Self Help: Exercising a voice and a choice in one’s life
  • Wellness/ Prevention: Promoting Healthy lifestyles

What is the Patients weekly schedule?

SARVAM offers an integrated model which proved to be most effective in treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, process addictions, severe mental illnesses and dual diagnosis. It incorporates various services like medications, cognitive therapy, Yoga, meditation, 12 Step principles and family support. This aids the overall recovery of the person from a medical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Weekly Schedule