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Winters, Sun & Schizophrenia

An abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real is termed as "Schizophrenia"

It is a mental disorder commonly characterized by false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation. It most commonly manifests itself as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. Diagnosis is based on observed behaviour and the patient's reported experiences.

Researchers have found genetic disruptions occur at a crucial time in brain development, a finding the team hopes could pave the way for new treatment. Upon past research that uncovered 108 schizophrenia-related locations on the human genome by further linking this DNA with genes related to brain development. Genes which increase the risk for schizophrenia are most active during early fetal brain development.

Scientists are getting closer to understanding the wiring in the brain that gives schizophrenia patients auditory hallucinations. The research team was investigating whether low vitamin D could be linked to specific symptoms as well as to cognitive deficits in young patients. In both cases, a few hundred patients were studied; they showed a connection between vitamin D deficiency and negative symptoms and between the vitamin and “cognitive impairments in processing speed and verbal fluency.” Vitamin D has many benefits, one of them being promoting calcium absorption in the body, it is also crucial in cell and bone growth and in immune function. Because our bodies produce it when our skin is exposed to sunlight, people who spend a lot of time indoors can become deficient in the vitamin, a malady that is common — and even more so in the winter.

Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Center specializes in management of Schizophrenia, with top thoughtful psychiatric consultants on boards, to take you on your journey to complete recovery….

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Pottery class in progress .

Pottery classes are held every Saturday from 3 PM-5 PM.

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Horticulture class in progress .

Horticulture classes are held every Saturday from 11AM-1PM

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Presenting the pots made by Sarvam residents to be couriered to their family members on Diwali .

The soil turned into clay , the clay turned into a pot which was then painted in beautiful colours.

Sarvam wishes the same to happen to all its residents and that they finally get coloured in recovery !

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Grooming Sarvam for Diwali .

Happy Diwali everyone !

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Diwali preparations in progress .

No Diwali celebrations is complete without lighting,rangoli's,pooja, dancing and delicious treats. All arrangements were made so that residents do not miss diwali at home. In addition several competitions were held during the day and the celebrations were concluded with an awards ceremony for residents. 

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US War on Drugs ? .

The Indian reality precludes this concept. The most telling example is the wide divide in state policy on oral substitute therapy for morphine-based dependence with street availability of buprenorphine.

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Inconsistencies in Drug Scheduling .

We at SARVAM are closely following and participating in association led white paper on Oral Substitute Therapy. This would form the thrust of our argument for a homegrown policy on drug scheduling.

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Opioid Addiction Treatment at Sarvam

“Opioid” - Is a type of medicine often used to help in relieving pain. It works by lowering the number of pain signals your body sends to your brain and alters how your brain responds to pain. Opioids are often prescriptive medicines that Doctors most often prescribe to relieve pain from toothaches and dental procedures, injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions such as cancer. Some prescription cough medicines also contain opioids.

Very often than not, opioids have been misused in forms of Drug Abuse which leads to Addiction. Misusing opioids means that you not following doctor’s instructions for how to take the medicine, or you take the drug illegally. Opiates are one of the easily available, readily prescribed, relatively cheap and very addictive – A Dangerous Combination.

India with poorly regulated and thriving chemist network is teeming with easy availability of otherwise prescription drugs eg. Dextropropoxyphene, codeine, tramadol. Tighter regulation on other narcotics has led to a thriving market. 

At SARVAM, we provide a comprehensive approach to combat this addiction.

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Addiction treatment .

At SARVAM our modern psychopharmacological approaches and sophisticated psychotherapeutic tools are evident of our alignment to the current newer insights in addiction.    

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