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Opioid Addiction Treatment at Sarvam

“Opioid” - Is a type of medicine often used to help in relieving pain. It works by lowering the number of pain signals your body sends to your brain and alters how your brain responds to pain. Opioids are often prescriptive medicines that Doctors most often prescribe to relieve pain from toothaches and dental procedures, injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions such as cancer. Some prescription cough medicines also contain opioids.

Very often than not, opioids have been misused in forms of Drug Abuse which leads to Addiction. Misusing opioids means that you not following doctor’s instructions for how to take the medicine, or you take the drug illegally. Opiates are one of the easily available, readily prescribed, relatively cheap and very addictive – A Dangerous Combination.

India with poorly regulated and thriving chemist network is teeming with easy availability of otherwise prescription drugs eg. Dextropropoxyphene, codeine, tramadol. Tighter regulation on other narcotics has led to a thriving market. 

At SARVAM, we provide a comprehensive approach to combat this addiction.

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