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Is Marijuana fashionable ? .

At a stand up comedy show on a Sunday evening to a unisex audience with average age below 30 years, a popular female stand up comedian began her raunchy jokes. The jokes were well received with occasional hoots and guffaws of laughter & then the overt not sub liminal messages began. Out in the open this self professed feminist asked, ‘Has anybody died of weed?’ ‘Man, you can think on weed’, All this crap about weed being bad, I don't care about coke or meth users they can go f… themselves, but weed is heavenly’. Loud approving grunts at the back, punctuated these statements.  All she said were truths but clever half-truths.

Cannabis can maim you with loss of zeal.

If you have the genetic predisposition towards insanity, cannabis merely hastens the process. All the lazy intelligent young children find an escapist route in cannabis to the bewilderment of their families. Merely quoting legalization of cannabis in some states of USA does not make it useful or relevant to human needs.    

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